Ashley Mulligan
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⏩ Release Roundup: June 2022

AUTHOR: Ashley Mulligan


Full file scanned for unique sub-category values

Portal V3 and Workspace imports now support complete category mapping by scanning the FULL incoming file to identify unique sub-category values available at mapping. Previously this was limited to unique values in the first 1k rows due to challenges processing more of the file (another unlock from the processing improvements announced here!).

We continue to display a max of 100 incoming sub-category values at mapping to prevent an overwhelming import experience. If this is impacting your work please share feedback via the / survey on the left (click through to the browser version if you're receiving this via email) - we're working on changes here and would love to hear from you.

All fields now returned from REST API calls

Requesting import fields via REST API will now return all fields, regardless of whether they were mapped to incoming data. Receiving all fields gives you a more complete picture of the import and the flexibility to parse and review the portions of interest as you see fit.

Other changes

Embeds (Portal V3) and Workspaces

  • Improved processing for wide/long files

  • Improved performance for imports with many Data Hooks

  • Importers can now skip sub-category mapping if selected column is empty

  • Fix for errors caused by null values in category type fields

  • Fix for benign error shown when adding rows to a Workspace via REST API

Portal V2

  • Fix for conflict between default language and specific text overrides

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