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New Feature Release Workspaces Embeds (Portal V3)

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AUTHOR: The Flatfile team


Minimize duplicative tasks and move quickly from testing to kick-off with improvements to our test environments and template tools.

Try it out:

  • Easily switch between test and production environments using the toggle above your account settings

  • Copy existing templates to quickly iterate on existing schemas using the “duplicate” button on any template page. Copying a template also copies over any included Data Hooks®️.

  • Promote templates from your test environment into Production for a quicker go-live.

Other changes

Embeds (Portal V3) and Workspaces

  • Workspaces users can now call their APIs securely from using a Data Hooks® by including secure env variables when creating it.

  • Users can now search and update any Workspaces data via API

  • Our REST API documentation no longer incorrectly shows environmentID as a required parameter

  • Boolean fields support inputs like 1/0, Yes/No as variations of True/False

  • Manually mapped select fields were fixed to allow matching to associated enum values

  • Webhook callbacks were fixed to return results

  • Empty cells are no longer considered duplicates in fields requiring unique values

  • Zero is now considered a valid input in fields requiring a number

  • Changing fields created by a data hook will now update all related values in the table

  • Downloading data no longer intermittently includes marked “NULL” values

  • Changes to templates already linked to Embeds/Workspaces now properly publish all changes to the related objects

  • XLS/XLSX file parsing in Workspaces was updated to support more files

  • Workspaces login flow was fixed

  • Workspaces schemas with non-standard characters are now supported

  • REST API was fixed to allow access to V3 data

  • Header row identification improved

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