Ashley Mulligan
Impacts Embeds (Portal V3) Impacts Workspaces Impacts Portal V2

⏩ Release Roundup: February 2022

AUTHOR: Ashley Mulligan



Add default values for any field when creating your template


Dotted line indicates presence of Info type message on cells in Review table


Full unicode support is now available in Portal V3 and Workspaces! 💕💯🙌

Other changes

Embeds (Portal V3) and Workspaces

  • Updated status labels now visible throughout Workspaces importer for better guidance

  • Uniqueness validations are now refreshed in tandem across all related values

  • We now check for deleted import status when restarting an import

  • API documentation now includes info on our Sheets API! Check it out

  • Imported file rows are now displayed in the original order in the data table

  • Templates with long field names were not able to be added to Workspaces

  • Drag & drop upload added to Template > Create from CSV button

  • Errors on category type fields were incorrectly shown as Info messages

  • Blank rows truncated data import and blank cells were incorrectly processed

  • The horizontal scroll bar in the data table was hidden below the footer in Portal V3

  • Some customers were seeing errors when trying to access a Workspace

  • Repeated use of a download link was downloading the incorrect file

  • Fixed issue with empty cells being parsed incorrectly

  • Added additional security around attempts to access deleted files via API

  • Fixed issue preventing application of custom theming in Portal V3

  • Added ability to send confirmation email when a data deletion event is completed - contact Support to learn more.

  • Fixed an issue impacting Workspaces with updated templates. Updated templates must now be re-added to the Workspace to be used.

  • Fixed an issue where the Workspaces Files dashboard was showing incorrect numbers

  • Fixed issue where a file’s sheets were intermittently not found at import

Portal V2

  • Added validation on multiple submission attempts to prevent duplicate data submission

  • French Canadian and Indonesian are now included in our supported languages

  • The manual import table was not expanding automatically when all rows were filled

  • Fixed issue where sheet selection modal was not scrollable, preventing access to full list in files with many sheets

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