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Release Roundup Workspaces Embeds (Portal V3) Portal V2

⏩ Release Roundup: April 1-15

AUTHOR: The Flatfile team


Our nominations for "most impactful" release award go to...

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 2.25.52 PM.png

Upload progress is now displayed during import in Embeds


Templates now list linked Embeds and Workspaces for reference and template management

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 2.20.13 PM.png

Workspace Members screen now has updated layout and text to define Collaborator permissions


New empty states with context and links to available data in Workspaces

Behind the scenes...

Add dynamic variables to your Data Hooks via API

Target your results without the need for unique Data Hooks - contact our support team for more info!

Automatic file encoding detection added at upload

Encoding type will be identified and used to parse files at upload. Users do not currently have an option to manually change encoding type.

Other changes

Embeds (Portal V3) and Workspaces

  • Optimized processing of records moved from Dismissed/Approved to In Review

  • Fixed an issue where fields with special characters in the name were not displaying data at Review

  • Fixed an issue where archived files were not accessible in a Workspace

  • Users are redirected to login page if automatically logged out

  • Added support for Windows-created CSV files when creating a template from a CSV

  • Fixed issue where users were seeing “No data to display” message in data table at Review

  • Standard validations (required, unique, email format) were fixed to display errors in data table at Review

  • Improved monitoring of file upload progress to improve upload speed and success

  • Fixed an issue with error type filters on Review for files with many columns

  • Blank cells are no longer considered errors in fields with regex validation

  • Fixed an issue where re-matched category fields were referencing the wrong data column for category matching

  • Fixed an issue where templates created in Developer Mode were added to Production

  • Fixed an issue where trying to add data to a Workspace via API showed an error

Portal V2

  • Improvements to prevent timeout during sheet detection in XLSX files

  • Fix to allow full deletion of records with boolean values during import, previously "null" boolean values were treated as "false"

  • Manually entered, invalid text in boolean fields now marked as error

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