Ashley Mulligan
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New opportunities for visual and workflow customization

AUTHOR: Ashley Mulligan

It's hard to understate the value of small joys interrupting rote tasks. So, when envisioning how to update the final steps of our data import workflow, we snuck in a few surprises for importers re-emerging from the data table.

We didn't reserve all the gifts for your users (though we take that job very seriously). The new submission workflow offers multiple opportunities for visual and workflow customization to better support both Flatfile customers and their users -

  • To support cases when the full incoming dataset is required for a successful onboarding, customers can choose to block submission if any errors are present in the dataset

  • To support cases when the destination server runs additional validation on incoming data, customers can configure server rejections to return records not accepted by their system to Flatfile for additional review, including record level errors

  • To support cases when Flatfile is part of a multi-staged workflow, customers can define where a user is taken after a submission is completed

  • To support customers with server limitations that determine the amount of data that can be received at once, customers can customize how and when they receive data from an import

  • To support your users peace of mind, branded elements like your logo and company name can be added to various stages of the submission UI.

The new submission flow is currently in beta. You can sign up for early access here.

Other changes

Embeds (Portal V3) and Workspaces

  • XLSX imports will now skip sheet selection if the uploaded file contains a single sheet

  • Blank values are no longer included in the data preview at mapping

  • The data preview at mapping now includes summary stats for each column

  • Workspaces importers can now pass mapping without mapping all required fields

  • Search is now available on the Workspaces list to facilitate finding Workspaces by name

  • Sheet name can now be requested via REST for imports initiated from a multi-sheet file

  • Fixed an issue that was locking the data table after any edit

  • Fixed an issue with rapid scrolling in the data table

  • Fixed an issue with re-ordering of manually added records in the data table

  • Fixed an issue that would reset focus to the first cell in the data table after any edit

  • Fixed an issue that prevented deleting a row of data selected via the index column

  • Fixed an issue that was blocking XLSX imports at the sheet selection step

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