Ashley Mulligan
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Efficiently make corrections with Review scene improvements

AUTHOR: Ashley Mulligan

While all steps of our import process are majorly optimized (think AI-powered field mapping and all that encompasses Flatfile trademarked Data Hooks), we can't ignore the fact that inconsistencies in individual values account for most of the chaos within any given file. The unpredictable among those need a light human touch to nudge them over the line.

Until we truly know everything (we're working on it), your users need to efficiently make corrections and move on to seeing data where it matters - in your app. So, we’re excited to announce improvements to data table navigation and management that give importers tools to get straight to what they need to fix.

Sorting data

Simple, yet elegant, sorting data lets you both group data by a set of values AND get yourself to the other side of it. You may not be surprised to learn that sorting was our top requested table feature. Now you can sort data via the sort arrow or the context menu on any column.

Pinning columns

Keep the most important data in sight as you move across the table by pinning up to three columns to the left side of the table. Pin a column by via the pin icon or the context menu on any column.

Field descriptions

Add additional instructions or context to any field via the field description in the template. It will appear when a user hovers over the column title.

Other changes

Embeds (Portal V3) and Workspaces

  • Empty rows in data table no longer show validation errors

  • Reinstated requirement for Portal V3 importers to map all required fields before continuing

  • Fixed formatting issues with custom guidance panel on upload screen

  • Fixed issue where specific Workspaces sheets could not be opened

  • Fixed loading error triggered when editing values in filtered view

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