Ashley Mulligan
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A whole new world (in templates)

AUTHOR: Ashley Mulligan

Templates have a new look

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 2.35.56 PM.png

Our template page got an overhaul to improve navigation and introduce a "Save" button. Now you can:

  • Access all template settings together via a dedicated “Settings” tab

  • Re-arrange template fields easily via new drag and drop editing

  • Make changes more quickly with better syntax validation and error messaging in our JSON editor

After you do all of the above, you're now required to click "Save" to register your changes. When you tell us to save we save you time (by processing all changes at once) and sanity (by creating fewer versions of your templates).

Remember - you can use Dev Mode to mess around strategically test template changes outside of your Production account. Go check it out for yourself, just don’t forget to save your work once you’re done 😉 .

Other changes

Embeds (Portal V3) and Workspaces

  • Return records rejected by your DB to Flatfile's Review screen using a GraphQL mutation - contact our Support team to learn more!

  • Workspaces "Last Activity" date corrected to show accurate date

  • Customizable tooltips are now sanitized to prevent issues with non-standard characters

  • Improvements to handling of files with empty columns and empty sheets

Portal V2

  • Imports pre-loaded with data now hide back navigation at start to prevent user from accessing file importer

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